Sexier Waist And Belly Through Body Chain Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can certainly make you look sexier and hotter. Our selection of jewelries help each woman to accentuate their sexy body. You can take a look at our selection of belly chains and you will see various designs that all accentuate the natural curves of the body. Under this category, you will find all sorts of belly chains that you can use to make your sexy outfit even more sexier on you. Accessorizing the belly is made easy by the use of these belly chains. If not for the belly chains, you would still need to have the navel pierced. Although there is nothing wrong with having pierced navels, some women are still not comfortable with it. The belly chains give a perfect alternative in accessorizing the waist or belly area. When selecting the best belly chains, you should choose to get those that are lightweight so that they wouldn’t feel too heavy on your belly area. Thinner chains also look more sexy than the chunkier and heavy ones. The different belly chains you will find at our shop are lightweight and they all help you achieve a sexier look no matter what style they are.

Through The Years Of Belly Chains

The belly and waist chains are popular jewelry that are worn by Gypsy women as well as the women in India. It is their way of making their body look more seductive and admirable not only to men but to all who can see them. They have been wearing this kind of jewelry since 4000 years ago. The belly jewelry has already been part of their culture and they wear it during special occasions. One of the first thing that comes into mind in the subject of belly chains are the belly dancers. It is true that they wear this kind of jewelry to accentuate the sexy movements of their hips. More often, they have belly chains that has lots of tassels or dangling pieces that sway and move as they also sway or shake their hips to the beat of the music. Such influences has played a great role in the modern fashion styles of women. Today, many women wear belly and waist jewelry not only as part of their culture but as part of their fashion style as well. The belly jewelry is truly very successful in exuding a sultry look for the wearer that is why more and more women are wearing it today. Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few, have been seen wearing lovely belly necklaces to complement their outfits. Some wear it with a bikini while others wear it even with their casual everyday outfits.

Many Designs To Choose From

You will squeal in delight to find our comprehensive selection of belly chains. We have belly chains made to fit different fashion styles. You can even combine the pieces to create a layered look. The belly chains look great when worn with a bikini but they can also be worn on top of your blouse. They also look nice when worn with a cropped top that is showing a bit of skin around the midsection. Select from multi-layered and multi-chain belly chain necklaces to get that vintage or Bohemian look. The more layers and tassels you add the more Bohemian your look will be. For a simple yet Bohemian style, you can wear the belly chains with some dangling pieces on them. Whether you are wearing a simple and plain colored bikini or a printed one, the Bohemian belly chain jewelry will look fabulous with it. If you desire to have a sexy look but still want something sophisticated, the simple chains would be your best choice. You can wear the thin chains to make your body look even more delicate and feminine. Some of the belly chain jewelries also have small accent pieces to make them look more special than just a chain that drapes over your hips. You can also find belly necklaces that don’t just look good from the front but also from the back. These have a special design that can only be viewed at the back. They may look like an ordinary belly necklace from the front but they have another design on the back. It is a great accessory to wear with lingerie or when you just want to feel extra sexy.

Wearing Belly Necklaces Like A Pro

Belly chains are the latest trends in fashion today and many celebrities are already caught wearing them. Just like them, you can look foxy too by wearing the belly chains. You just first need to know how to wear them. The belly chains are ideally worn over the hips where it anchors. This is why the size of the belly chain isn’t the same as your waist. It needs to be lose so that it can drape and you can comfortably move. There are also waist necklaces that can be a bit smaller than the belly chains and these would fit perfectly above the navel. You can wear a belly chain with your bikini outfit because it shows off your skin in your mid section. By wearing a chain around your waist that can drape over your hips, you accentuate the natural curve of the body. There are many 2 piece bikinis that will look great with belly necklaces no matter what style they are. Another way to wear your belly chain is by selecting a cropped top and some jeans or skirt. The exposed area around your navel is the perfect spot for a belly chain. Even if your top does not show much skin, whenever you raise your hand or reach your arm, it can cause the top to rise and expose some skin and even your belly chain. This is very sexy indeed. If you are not comfortable with showing some skin at all or when it is winter time, you can still enjoy wearing a belly chain jewelry. Most of the belly chains you see here at our shop are adjustable in size and they can still fit you even with your clothing underneath them. The belly chain will simply outline your waist or your hips on top of your clothes. It is a creative way of showing off your curves and having a more form fitting outfit.