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Classy And Elegant Foot Jewelry

Embellishing the body with jewelries isn’t only limited to the hands, ears and neck. Even your feet deserve some love and what better way to show that than to get any of these classy and elegant foot jewelry for one or both of your feet. There are many designs to choose from and they can be worn on a hot summer day at the beach or even at your wedding, the most intimate time of your life.

Whether it is a simple chain or a chain filled with dangles, charms, bells and other decorations, you will certainly look more chic and fashionable with any of our foot jewelry on your feet. The anklets are very easy to pair with lots of different outfits. No matter what style you wish to achieve, there is certainly an anklet that will go perfectly with it. Make your foot or feet look more desirable by wearing any of the anklets in our collection. Browse through our selection and buy one for yourself.

These foot jewelry are also great as gifts. Most of our anklets are adjustable in size so you won’t have to worry about the fit of the foot jewelry. Why not give out friendship anklets instead of friendship bracelets? You can also gift the anklets to your friends to make yourselves look matching with your jewelry selection.

Classic Chain Anklets

Ankle bracelets for women come in different designs and the most classic and stylish design of all is the simplest one. Simple chain anklets can instantly make the foot look much luxurious and elegant that is why it is a staple when it comes to womens ankle bracelets.

Whether you prefer the very rich gold toned chains or the luxurious silver chains, both will look stunning and very classy because of their simplicity. For a classical look, you can pair the simple anklet with any your high heeled shoes and formal attire. This can help boost the luxury factor in your whole outfit.

The plain golden and silver chain anklets are mostly worn by mature women or by those who want to make themselves look more respectable. With the lack of girly designs, the simple chain enables them to capture the elegance that they need to look like a sophisticated and grown woman.

Fun Charmed Anklets

For a more fun type of of foot jewelry, you can select any of our charmed anklets. Adding a charm to a simple chain anklet makes it look more special and unique. Unlike the plain chained anklets that make women look more mature, a charmed but still simple anklet bracelet adds a fun factor to the jewelry. This makes it a more of casual look that you can wear every day.

Some of your charmed anklets only have a small accent charm that still makes them look simple and feminine. Others on the other hand, do not only have one charm but multiple charms attached to the ankle for a fashion statement look. You can get this kind of anklet if you love the movement that it create as you also move. This is a very youthful take on the anklets and it is able to show your playful side. This is a perfect accessory for a fun day ahead.

Captivating Barefoot Sandals

Get yourself some barefoot sandals that you can wear to the beach. These come in different designs but they all are anchored to the ankles where a chain is connected and worn on one of the toes as a ring. This kind of foot jewelry is the perfect substitute for your flip flops. It gives a more luxurious and stylish look when paired with any of your beach outfit.

Walk on the beach and play the sand with your feet wearing the barefoot sandals. It looks very exotic but fashionable as well. There is a great selection of barefoot sandals that you can wear to make your beach or summer outfit look more unique. Stand out from the sea of flip flop wearing people at the beach and embellish your feet with luxurious looking jewelry.

Barefoot sandals also look great as bridal jewelry. Traditionally, women wore anklets during their wedding. Today, women can still wear foot jewelry to their weddings especially if the wedding has a Bohemian theme or is happening on the beach. Barefoot sandals that are more simple and sophisticated looking can be used as an accessory to the wedding.

Unique Multi-Chained Anklets

There is also a wide selection of multiple chained anklets to choose from. The multiple number of chains will look very Bohemian on the feet. If you still think a multi-layer anklet is not Bohemian enough, you can add more layers to it for a more Bohemian Chic attire.

The multi chained anklets give more of an edge as compared to the classic single stranded anklet. The multiple chains may also be connected to the main chain and it drapes downward towards the feet covering a part of the ankles. This looks very sexy and Bohemian indeed.

Tips On Foot Jewlery

If you are unsure of what anklet or foot jewelry to get, it would be best to first consider what your style is or what style you want to achieve. The different designs may not work well with other styles so it is best to first determine that before your purchase. If you are still unsure of what style to get, you can always play safe and get the simplest ones so that you can just wearing foot jewelry a try. Once you try it, you would certainly love it.

When wearing anklets, make sure that you pair it with clothing that also bares the ankles. It looks great with short skirts, shorts or cuffed jeans where the ankle part is showing. Foot jewelry can be worn with shoes or barefoot. For a more beautiful effect, just make sure your ankles are seen when wearing shoes.

One way to help you choose a foot jewelry is to take a look at what the celebrities have been wearing. By seeing them, you can get ideas on what anklets to get and what to wear it with. Take inspiration from the celebrities and make the outfit your own.