When A Bracelet Merges With A Ring

The hands are the most common part of the body where jewelry can be worn. You can wear all sorts of bracelets for your wrist or different kinds of rings for your hands. For something new and unique, you can try wearing any of our hand chain jewelries that you will find in the following pages. Our hand chain jewelries are a combination of bracelets and a ring that is linked together through a chain. The hand chains are also known as hand slave bracelets or rings because they are meant to decorate the back of the hand too. There are different styles available and these go well with any of your chosen outfits. The bracelets are usually adjustable in size and they fit the wrist well. There will be one chain or more that would connect the bracelet to any of your fingers that is why the ring stays in place and really decorates the back of the hand.

Hand Chain Jewelry As A Statement Jewelry

No matter what outfit you have, you can enhance its look or style by completing your outfit with jewelry. Why settle for boring old jewelry when you can have statement pieces like our hand chain jewelry. These hand chains will certainly make your whole outfit stand out if you make sure to choose well and choose the best for the outfits that you have. Famous celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens are known to love wearing hand chains that decorate their whole hand. By mixing our hand jewelries with your stylish outfits, you can really make a fashion statement and impress those who see you.

Wedding Hand Jewelries

Many of our hand jewelries are perfect for formal events like weddings. We have a selection of bridal themed hand jewelries that will certainly go well with any wedding gown that you have. There are some brides who pair up their wedding outfits with gloves, but you can look more wonderful if you trade your white gloves for any of the bridal hand jewelries that we have listed in the shop. They will elegantly wrap around your wrist and then travel to the back of your hand before they are anchored to one or more of your fingers. When worn as a bridal jewelry, you can wear the ones that have pearl decorations as well as the rhinestone filled ones. They can give the back of your hand more shine and sparkle without being too loud. Depending on your wedding theme, you can also choose the more Bohemian inspired jewelry if you are getting married by the beach.

Modern Style Hand Chains

The use of hand chains is quite famous nowadays because it is a modern trend although it has existed way back. Today’s modern times can be seen with some of the designs that we have on our hand chains. Most of the modern designs are made of simple chains that come together to form clean and geometric figures. The thinness of the chains make the design look feminine and clean, perfect for a modern hand chain jewelry. Some may also be a more edgy take on the modern design that is why they make use of pendants to decorate the simplicity of the hand chains. These modern style hand jewelries are perfect for everyday use. They go really well with any casual outfit that you have and can be worn anywhere. It can also be used by those who want a design on the back of their hand that is simple yet sophisticated and classic looking.

Bohemian Inspired Hand Jewelries

We also offer lots of hand chain jewelries that are Bohemian inspired pieces. These are what you should choose to pair with any of your bohemian outfits. It can be a great piece of jewelry on its own or you can still layer it with even more bracelet to get that Bohemian or Gypsy look. These hand chains are mostly made of chains plus turquoise stones, crystals, coins, or shells as accent pieces to the whole hand jewelry. The Bohemian look really comes out when you choose pieces that are multi-layered or the ones that make use of different accent pieces. This is a perfect accessory to use when you are going to the beach. You can pair it with any of your summer outfits and even your bikini. You can match your hand jewelry with any other barefoot sandal or foot jewelry so that you can still look well accessorized even if you are going to the beach. Even if you are not going to the beach, you can still wear the Bohemian inspired hand jewelries with any of your Bohemian inspired outfits. It is a great accessory to wear to really show off the Bohemian style.

Victorian Hand Jewelry Pieces

For more classical or vintage pieces of hand jewelry, you can choose our Victorian hand jewelry pieces. These are usually made of a floral lace bracelet that is still adjustable. It is attached to a chain and a ring that is also vintage looking. Although this can be mainly used for those who go for the classic Victorian look like the ones who dress up with the Lolita style, you can still pull it off with a simple dress. It serves as a wonderful accent piece to your outfit. Surely, you can be the center of attraction when you wear this kind of jewelry.

Flaunting Your Hand Chain Jewelry

A hand chain jewelry can be your very own signature jewelry. You just really have to choose carefully about what you want and what will fit your wardrobe. Every piece of jewelry you will wear will represent you and what your style is so make sure that you are well represented with the hand chain jewelry of your choice. Flaunting this kind of jewelry is simple. It definitely looks best when you have tops that show off your wrist and your hands. Simple outfits are best paired with chained hand jewelries that you will find in our shop because the jewelries become more easily visible. People who see you won’t be confused about what to look at first and these unique hand chain jewelry will certainly capture their attention.