A Variety Of Nipple Rings To Choose From

It is quite common for someone to have their ears pierced but body piercing isn’t just limited to that. There are other parts of the body that can be pierced and among them are the nipples. At our shop, you will find different rings that you can proudly wear on your nipples. We offer a variety of designs to suit different preferences and styles that you have. Whether you like to decorate your nipples with a rhinestone crystal filled ring for elegance or a spiked nipple ring to give it an edge, you can find these at our shop. Simply browse through our pages and select the nipple rings of your choice. All of them are made of hypoallergenic metal alloy to make sure that you don’t get an allergy out of wearing them. Each are also designed and made carefully to make sure they are of high quality and are durable.

Various Materials For Nipple Rings

Our nipple rings come are made of different materials but they are all hypoallergenic. The nipple is a very sensitive part of the body and having allergies that started from it can be irritating and painful. That is why you should only wear nipple rings that you know are made of hypoallergenic materials such as those that we offer in our shop. Most of our nipple rings are made of hypoallergenic titanium or surgical steel to ensure your safety while still providing great design to each ring. These are all well decorated to produce a safe and beautiful piece of ring you can wear on your nipples. Classic Barbell Type Nipple Rings We have different styles of nipple rings available in our shop. If you would like more of the simple and classic style, you could select any of our barbell type nipple rings. We have ones that have rounded ends, those that are decorated with rhinestone crystals and even ones that are more uniquely designed, such as a cat’s head and its tail on the two ends. These nipple rings are great because they are lightweight and they don’t pull on too much on your piercing. A curved variation of the barbell nipple ring is also available if you feel that the curved ones are better to fit the anatomy of your nipple piercings. These are great for those who just had their nipple piercings fully healed. It is considered a starter nipple ring that presents a very classic style.

Dangle Rings

For a more decorated type nipple jewelry, you can choose the dangle nipple rings. These are similar to a barbell ring but there is an addition of a dangling piece attached to the bar of the nipple rings. This fit those who want a little bit more decoration to their nipple piercings. When worn, this looks like there is something hanging beautifully from the nipples. The design on this type of nipple ring is located on the lower or bottom side of the nipple ring.

Nipple Sheilds

If dangling design of the dangle type of nipple ring isn’t enough for your taste, you can choose to get the nipple shields. This type of nipple ring has a design that surrounds the whole nipples and lies on the areola. It is meant to decorate not only the nipples but the areola too. Select from different designs and styles. Whether you want something that has a lot of bling or something more simple but still has high impact, we have them for you.

Fake Nipple Rings

For those who still don’t have their nipples pierced but are thinking about doing so or those who just want to try and wear a nipple ring, we have fake nipple rings that you can wear. This nipple rings can decorate your nipples without requiring piercings. These will usually have parts that will wrap around or coil around the nipples so that it can fit securely and won’t easily fall off. We also have a some stick-ons that you can simply stick to your nipples to add decoration to them. With these, you won’t have to have your nipples pierced to enjoy wearing nipple rings. It can also help you decide whether you get your nipples properly pierced or just stick to the fake nipple rings.

Chained Nipple Rings

Our shop specializes in unique chained jewelry such as the nipple ring chains. These are specially made and designed nipple rings and they are worn on each of the nipples. After wearing the rings on the nipples, a chain is attached to each of the ring to connect them and make them look like one piece of body chain jewelry. There are different styles to choose from. Most of them can also be worn with or without the chain that connects them both.

Nipple Ring Tips And Advises

It is exciting to go through our catalog and browse through the different rings that you can wear on your nipples. It is okay if you start browsing and even buy before you have your nipples pierced but first make sure that your piercing is completely healed before you change the ring into the ones that you like. It is important to make sure that your nipples properly heal first so that they don’t accidentally close or develop an infection. It is important to make sure your piercings as well as the rings you are to use are clean. Those who recently have their nipples pierce should wait for 8-10 months before removing the initial earrings and changing it to the new ones you prefer. Within this time, the piercing has already healed and other nipple rings of any type and design can now be worn on it. You can now make use of the nipple rings that you buy from our shop. Select from lots of different designs and different styles. We have lots of nipple rings that can match your personality or preference. Simply take a look at what we have to offer and order yours immediately while there are still stocks available.