Different Types Of Nose Rings

Another part of the body that you can have pierced is your nose. Nose piercing is capable of enhancing the beauty of your face. It has been known to be done by people of different cultures all around the world. It is also associated with a punk, or Bohemian style that many people want to achieve. The nose has different areas where you can have a piercing. There are many who have just a single piercing but there are also others who have multiple piercings on their nose. There are also different types of rings that can be used depending on the area in the nose where the piercing is. You will find lots of different types of nose rings on our shop and they are also available in different designs. For nostril piercings, you can use a stud, nose hoop, nostril screw, captive bead ring, or a circular barbel ring. If you have a septum piercing, then you should choose from our selection of circular barbel rings or captive bead rings. We also have D shaped rings that are specifically made for the piercing on the septum. If you have a bridge piercing or a vertical tip piercing then you should go for our curved and circular barbell rings.

Variety Of Nose Ring Designs

In our shop, you will find a large variety of nose ring designs. We have simple and minimally designed rings to a more intricately ornate nose ring and everything in between. The nose rings are made of hypoallergenic materials to make sure that you do not develop any allergic reaction while wearing them. We have listings for single items as well as listings for multiple items in a lot. We have them in different colors, plating finishes as well as the color of the crystals used. No matter what your preferred style is, you can certainly match it with our selection of nose rings. Browse through the pages and select for yourself.

Fake Nose Ring

For many people, it can be daunting to decide whether to have the nose pierced or not. It can be quite a dilemma especially when you can’t imagine yourself wearing one. The good news is that there are fake nose rings that you can get to try and even wear as part of your usual and daily outfit. Choose from the many designs of fake septum rings that we have in our shop. They are easy to put on and are also easy to remove. Our fake nose rings can help you to visualize exactly how you would look like with a piercing on your nose. It can help you to decide whether to go through piercing or not. If you decide not to continue with the piercing, you can always enjoy wearing a septum rig by making use of any of our fake septum rings.

Nose Rings In Color

If you are a minimalist and you only want a simple nose ring that you can wear just about anywhere, you can select from the simple designed nose rings that we have. They come in the different types of nose rings and you can make them more unique by simply choosing the color that they are finished in. Some of the nose rings may also have a tiny cubic zirconia or rhinestone crystal as an added decoration. You may also select the color of your choice for this kind of nose rings. We also have the plain and silver plated nose rings if that is what you are looking for.

Clicker Septum Rings

We have quite a selection of clicker type septum rings. This nose ring jewelry has a bar part that passes through the piercing and then clicks in place on the curved part of the septum ring. We have lots of vintage and Bohemian designs that you can choose from. There are many of them that are truly made for women and they feature a very feminine design that is decorated with ornate metal shapes or sparkly crystals. These designs are really made to impress anyone who sees you wearing them.

Chained Nose Ring

We also have a very unique and exotic type of nose ring and these are the chained ones. This nose ring features a septum ring that is worn on the nose and a chain that attaches to a french hook that is secured in the piercing of your earlobe. The chained nose ring is a great way to add an exotic look to your outfit. The chain drapes beautifully over the jawline. It is a very Bohemian style of jewelry that you can wear to your own party or the next time that you go to the beach.

Care For Your Nose Piercing

Knowing how to properly take care of your nose piercing helps you make sure that you get to enjoy wearing all sorts of rings on your nose. With proper care and cleaning, your newly pierced nose will heal properly and wouldn’t be irritated or infected. Although we have lots of gorgeous nose rings that you will be dying to try once you receive them, it is best to first let your nose completely heal before you change the piercing. The nose piercings tend to heal the slowest because of the piercings are done over the cartilage. You have to make sure you give enough effort to clean and care for your nose piercing because many bacteria are naturally found in it. It is best to wait for about 4 months before changing the initial nose ring. Cleaning the nose piercing should be done daily to make sure that infection and a foul smell doesn’t develop. You can make use of a salt solution to clean your nose piercing. If there are crusting, you can remove it by making use of a q-tip. You should clean the area gently and don’t push too hard because you might push the stud through your nose. It is also important to make sure things that have contact with your nose or piercing are clean. As an example, you can change your pillow case each day to make sure that bacteria doesn’t get into your nose and cause any negative result.