Fake nose stud For many people, it can be daunting to decide whether to have the nose pierced or not. It can be quite a dilemma especially when you can’t imagine yourself wearing one. The good news is that there are fake nose rings that you can get to try and even wear as part of your usual and daily outfit. Choose from the many designs of fake septum rings that we have in our shop.

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Get that unique look with one of our fake nose ring studs and nose rings. Available for both men and women. Sexy Nose accessories without the piercing

Sexy body chain jewelry rules! Gone are the days when body chains are seen as an every day fad.  Body Chains are now a designer favorite with celebrities making them a part of their ensembles wherever they go. An accessory piece that once only classical dancers wore in the past has now found itself wrapped around the bodies of women all over the world.

How do you wear body chains jewelry?  There are a myriad of ways to accessorize, mix and match to find the right look just for you!

For a scorching summer look, wear the Necklace Body Chain, Back Chain, or Foot Chain with your vibrant bikini or knitted bra top and cut off shorts.

For a sexy casual look, wear any type of body chain jewelry with your tank top and shorts ensemble. Slide your feet into chunky heels and don a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go.

For a Boho look, wear a delicate shoulder chain with your maxi dress.

For a Red Carpet look, wear a necklace body chain with a blazer with a deep neckline. Slide your feet into sexy stilettos and voila! You’re Red Carpet ready!

They are easy to put on and are also easy to remove. Our fake nose rings can help you to visualize exactly how you would look like with a piercing on your nose. Let it be a precursor to how a real nose ring will look or a make it a permanent style to your overall look