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Sexy Choker Necklaces Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Bring your outfit together with sexy choker necklaces that are sure to impress It was introduced hundreds of years ago. It rose in popularity, fell out, and resurged again. This is one of those pieces that you would not want to give away or sell because it keeps coming back to the world of fashion.

The Evolution of Choker Necklaces

It started as a beaded jewelry to protect the throat of women in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the choker necklace had evolved into different styles as it reached different shores. It was first popularized by Queen Victoria during her reign and wealthy women wore it as a fashion statement. But it was Alexandra of Denmark, the wife of the British King Edward VII that set the trend for at least 50 years.  In the 1920’s, ribbon or beaded chokers were seen around women’s throat. It came back and became known a “dog collar” in the 1940’s that were made of ribbon, lace, diamonds, and pearls.

When chokers came back in the 90’s, many celebrities wore them as their fashion statements. The tattoo choker was introduced which became popular with goths and trendsetters due to its netted designs. It was originally made of scratchy plastic.

Nowadays, you can find chokers that are a combination of various patterns, textures, colors, and materials. You can find chokers made of pearls, jewels, brass, beads, stripes, fabrics, and heavy chains adorning the necks of celebrities, models, and regular people. With the latest resurgence of the choker necklaces shows the introduction of the new looks that are minimal, delicate layers of tiny bands or chains.

The Different Choker Styles

Since the launch of the choker fashion in the ancient times, there were different styles that represent every era of popularity. Here in the store, you can find sexy choker necklaces that carry the designs and materials that were known for those specific eras. Our choker necklaces are created using different materials that include fabric laces, nylon, velvet, metals, plastic, and leather among others. The fitted style of the choker can be a bit confining for other people but here you can find chokers that can be adjusted for a more relaxed fit. The materials are even more comfortable and more convenient than the olden days.

We have a wide selection of chokers and collar jewelry that vary from the slimmest to the chunkiest. They were the latest trend to come out in the market: premium quality, stylish yet very affordable. You can find styles that were inspired by the 90’s, some Victorian styles, some punk and Gothic styles, and more modern ones.

  • Gothic Chokers

Gothic chokers have that dark, sinister look that reminds you of the choker necklaces used by vampire women depicted in the movies. They have that beauty that is both enchanting and menacing at the same time. This is the perfect style for women who have the passion for Goth accessories.

  • Victorian Chokers

Victorian Chokers use dainty floral lace fabrics and chains with crystal adornments. There is also the dark Victorian style that has the vintage elegance yet with a more sinister touch. Each Victorian style choker available at the store has its own unique charm and style that will interest those women who love collecting vintage pieces.

  • Punk/Edgy Chokers

Punk/Edgy Chokers have belt-like plastic or leather straps with metal clasps, metal rings, metal studs, and metal spikes. It gives a rebel or rocker look to any outfit that you’ll wear with it. Best for a woman with a rebel spirit or a woman who is a rock and punk enthusiast!

  • 90’s Style Chokers

90’s Style Chokers are either adjustable plain or floral lace chokers or the elastic tattoo chokers. Some chokers have pendants that are made of metals, plastic/resin, pearls, or crystals. If you like 90’s fashion, this would be the perfect choker style for you.

  • Modern Chokers

Modern Chokers has geometric designs and accent pieces. The strap material ranges from metal alloy, velvet, or leather. The colors are not just gold, silver, brown, gray, or black – there are chokers with vibrant straps like red, pink, green, blue, and purple too. This choker style would look great when combined with other choker styles when you want to create a layered look.

Styling Tips

Mix n’ match is the game when it comes to creating unique look these days. What may not be acceptable in the past, is the hottest trend today, not just in outfits but in accessories as well. If you want to put together your own brand of style then do the mismatch method. You just have to be confident enough to carry the look if you want it to work. Collecting different styles of chokers will allow you to explore various looks that you want. Choker necklaces will never go out of fashion when you have a creative mind and an unorthodox fashion style. You can always find ways to wear the chokers or collars anytime, anywhere.

Choker or collar necklaces will work well with street wear, school wear, work wear, or party wear. They will give the edginess that you need for your outfit. The choker trend may fall for some time but it will definitely be back again with vengeance.